Welcome to Cocoon: counselling connections online

Cocoon is a professional online counselling and therapy service run by qualified counsellors.

Online counselling provides an opportunity for regular discussion and sharing of thoughts, fears and feelings with a qualified counsellor who can help you to understand and resolve what is troubling you.

If you feel you might benefit from counselling, please take a look round our website. There are many reasons why online counselling can be positive for you:
  • Perhaps you are very busy, work long hours, or travel away frequently, and just can't commit yourself to regular face-to-face appointments?
  • You may be housebound for some reason perhaps with a disability, or care for small children/elderly parents, and have no support system to enable you to spend time away from home.
  • If you are a deaf person, online counselling saves the need to seek an interpreter, and may also be useful if you or the counsellor does not use sign language
  • Or, maybe you are simply worried about seeing a counsellor face-to-face? Perhaps put off by the thought of ringing for an appointment, perhaps having to wait longer than you want, and then feeling committed before you have even started?

As you will read in these pages, online counselling can be appropriate in all these and other circumstances. So, if you have reasonable access to a computer and are comfortable with communicating online, then you might find this method of working agreeable and effective. We are both trained online counsellors and offer an initial discussion of your problem without any obligation.

In the end it is YOU who can decide and we are here to help however we can; feel free to ask us more about this before you begin.