Hello, I'm glad you have decided to find out more about me. I hope what you read here will help you take the next steps of your journey.

After a childhood in the Lake District in Northern England, I took a Masters degree in languages and literature. My interest in Yoga led naturally to exploring self-development and therapy, and over the years I have studied and practised disciplines such as Gestalt, Meditation, Shiatsu, Psychosynthesis, Art Therapy, Co-Counselling, Process Work, Groupwork, Conflict Clarification, Waking Dream and Imaging, Shamanism, Creative Writing, the Work of Byron Katie (Loving-what-is), Consciousness and Relationship with Richard Moss, and an Advanced Certificate in Online Counselling.

Since obtaining my Diploma in Psychotherapy in 1986, I have maintained a private psychotherapy and supervision practice, and worked for seven years as Counsellor in a large inner-city GP Practice. I am on the core staff of the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) www.ccpe.org.uk in London, where I supervise senior students in Transpersonal/Integrative Psychotherapy.

My personal interests include dreams, language, writing, art work, nature, yoga, ecology, parenting, ageing and grandparenting, inter-generational patterns, and the manifestation of the spirit in everyday life.

My training as a therapist is grounded in the Humanistic, which holds that each person carries deep within, (and sometimes obscured by trauma or distress), the wisdom and the solution to their difficulties; the Transpersonal, which sees each soul as being on a journey seeking purpose and meaning in its lifetime, in which the obstacles thrown up by circumstance can be experienced as gateways to change or growth; and the Integrative, the process of making whole. Through integration, it becomes possible for people to face each moment openly and freshly without the protection of a pre-formed opinion, or expectation. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are all important, and sometimes one aspect will require more attention: for example during illness, the body will demand extra care, or during bereavement, emotional and spiritual needs may be paramount.

The work
I see my job as a counsellor to try to serve in the most beneficial and appropriate ways possible at any given time. This will largely involve providing a 'listening space' in which you will ‘speak' (via email or MSN), and I will respond, and thus we can explore, without judgement and at your own pace, some of the ways in which your inner Self experiences and expresses itself, and strives to grow. This may be experienced in the form of illnesses, dreams, accidents, relationships, life crises, and so on; I might invite you to seek the meaning or purpose concealed in these phenomena, to resolve hurts and traumas, and to find a new freedom and joy.

Together we can explore the past (for example family history and inheritance, religious or cultural influences, your childhood and youth), the present (relationships, work, illness, loneliness, depression, creative blocks), or the future (hopes and fears, ambitions, spiritual hunger) of your life, and find some understanding and resolution. As we proceed, we will seek ways for you to integrate your discoveries so that nothing is lost or wasted, and the threads will begin to weave into a rich tapestry of Selfhood.

I am increasingly offering The Work of Byron Katie in which I hold a Facilitators Certificate.

Payment by Paypal or cheque in advance. My fees are as follows:
  • £70 per 50 minute Skype/phone session
  • £390 per 6-pack Skype/phone sessions

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