Contract and fees

Once you and the counsellor of your choice decide to work together, you will be sent a Contract or Agreement. The aim of the Contract is for you and your counsellor to agree the basis of your work together. Please note: the Contract can be revised at any time.

Each counsellor has his or her own way of working. With your counsellor, you may agree things such as:

  • how to contact each other in case technology breaks down

  • how payment is to be made

  • how counselling will be reviewed and ended

The Contract and Ethical Statement are things we must do as professional counsellors. We hope this formal part of the counselling will not put you off, and will be happy to discuss this with you further.

All email messages sent to counsellors are kept securely and deleted once counselling is finished.

Each counsellor has their own scale of fees; please see our individual profile pages for more information. You can reach these pages from the links below.

Tamara Alferoff's profile and fees page

Mim Kay's profile and fees page