Ethical statement

All Cocoon Counsellors hold professional qualifications in Counselling or Pyschotherapy, as well as a specialisation in Online Counselling, and work to the highest ethical standards. We will respect your privacy and culture at all times. Your communications will remain confidential between us, and all records will be destroyed at the end of our work together.

One exception to this is where your counsellor needs to take some of the issues to supervision, to ensure that he or she is counselling in a way that is safe and beneficial to their clients, as required by their professional code. They will not reveal your identity, and will take all precautions to protect your privacy; encryption might be appropriate ask the counsellor for more details, or go to where you can set up a free account.

The only circumstance where the counsellor is obliged to break confidentiality is if you have indicated that there is a risk of harm to yourself or someone else, and we are required by ethics to seek advice and guidance from other professionals. We would of course try to discuss this beforehand with you to obtain your assent.